Been there Dune that

The 1965 Frank Herbert book Dune takes place on the planet Arrakis, a harsh desert planet. Arrakis happens to be the only place you can get Melange (The Spice), a very valuable substance that extends life and gives the person consuming it enhanced mental powers. There have been a couple of Dune related games that have popped up in the last year or so. Last year I picked up the reprint of Dune the board game from Gale Fore Nine and this week I sat down to Dune Imperium from Dire Wolf Digital. So lets dive into Dune Imperium...

Dune Imperium is a 1-4 player game, the box says it should take 2 hours. I think 2 hours is about right after you play through it one or two times to get the hang of the rules. We played on Tabletop Simulator and as it does it too Rick and I much longer for our first go at it. Dune is an interesting mix of worker placement and deck-building. You deck determines where you can place the Mentat, Swordmaster or the Agents (these are the worker bees for you in the game).

When you place your agents on the board you have to have play a card that matches the symbol for that place on the board. Sometimes you'll have to pay in addition to the card resources like water or spice. Then the space offers you some sort of action or resource in return. When we were playing I got my deck to allow me to pay 2 water to collect 3 spice (which I was able to double to 6 with the card I played) then I would take that spice and use it to collect 2 water and 5 military units. This happened several turns in a row and allowed me to collect the winnings from the battle(once per turn after everyone has played all their agents) often. Once we got a feel for it the turns went pretty fast.