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Fun Farm

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Here we go. So the first game I played from the collection this year was Fun Farm. If you know me at all you will know that this is an odd choice for me to start. Fun Farm is a game for families ages 6+. Mary, my wife and I had played this a few years ago at GenCon and it stuck in our minds. We originally purchased it to play with our nephew Max and now we look forward to playing it with our daughter.

On this occasion we had some friends over for the weekend and they had brought their young son. So we all sat down to give the game a go. Fun Farm is a pretty simple matching game. It comes with two dice that have colored dots on them, a deck of cards and six foam barnyard animals (sheep, goat, pig, horse, cow, chicken). The deck of cards has a picture of an animal and a picture of a die. You roll the die and match a card then be the first to grab the animal that matches the one pictured on the card.

I had to really restrain my competitive nature, and guide our young guest through the game. I think this is a great game to work on multi-factor matching. You can easily adjust the rules depending to your youngling's level. I highly recommend this game for the family to play.

Designed by: Luca Bellini

Players: 2-10

Published by: Black Monk, Heidelberger Spieleverlag, IELLO, Lifestyle Boardgames Ltd

Year Published: 2013

Recommended Ages: 6+

Time to Play: 15 minutes



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