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Review: Clash at Rooks Point

We travel today to the powerful epicenter of magic that Rooks Point. Clash at Rooks Point has four factions fighting to be the last one standing. Join me as we arrive at Rooks Point and see how you can lead your faction to champions of Rooks Point.

Clash at Rooks Point is a two player (four if you get two copies of the game) where each side has 3 warriors that will fight to topple the other faction(s). This game is fast and brutal and will have you want to play again. Clash at Rooks Point will be coming soon to Kickstarter, I was provided a review copy of the can and the final product may vary.

The object of Clash at Rooks Point is to be the first play to KO all the other players characters. Each faction has three characters to represent them. Each game has four factions in it to add to your replay ability or if you want to play with more than 2 players (you will have to have a second copy to do this). The other kind of cards that come in the game are enhancements. The enhancement cards are the ones that will make up you hand as you play the game.

Each character card has a power value this is at the top of each character card and on the right side. Each character has 4 states they can be in, Ready, Exhausted Wounded and KO'd.

The characters start at Ready and when you use them for an attack they get turned clockwise 90 degrees and are now exhausted. The power value is now the one listed on the side. If they get wounded then they rotate 90 more degrees and are upside down. Finally when you take enough damage you are KO's and the card is flipped upside down. will be able to create the combos that you are looking for at least once a game giving you a very satisfying feeling.

The players start the game with the same 25 enhancement card deck and the 3 characters from their faction face up and ready. Each player draws 4 enhancement cards into their hand and then you are ready to go. At the start of you turn any exhausted characters get moved back to ready, these characters are now ready to attack. You may do one of four actions on your turn discard and draw, attack, use an action, or pass. With only 25 cards in your deck and the ability to cycle through them fast you are likely to see all the cards in a single game and you will be able to create the combos that you are looking for at least once a game giving you a very satisfying feeling.

Discard and draw is exactly how it would seem discard any cards you don't want and draw back up to the hand limit of four. Using an action is as easy as reading the text on the action card or character action that you want to preform and doing as it says. Passing is also self-explanatory in this case, you have no actions or attacks or actions that work for you and all the cards in hand are keepers.

When attacking you choose what character you are attacking with and what target character you are attacking. Exhausted characters may not attack but they can defend with the blue power value. You may then add enchantment cards to boost your character's power level the defender also gets to add cards also. When your done adding cards compare the power levels and see who's score is higher and they win. The attacking character is set to exhausted and if the defender loses then they take a level of damage. When a player three characters are KOd then they are out, last player standing is the winner.

This game happens fast and you can play a few times in a sitting if you wanted and its not a huge game it comes in a card deck format so you can take it with an play while your waiting for dinner at a restaurant or if your baby is taking its nap an you don't have time for a full game of Star Realms. The art in the game is great and gives you a whole cyber/steam punk vibe. I recommend this for people short on time but still want a full game that leaves you satisfied. This game is coming soon to Kickstarter so be sure to get signed up for the launch notice.

Players: 2-4

Year Published: 2022

Recommended Ages: 12+

Time to Play: 5-15



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