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Review: Token Terrors Battlegrounds

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

The continent of Terra has been immersed in a conflict that goes back longer than memory. The seven factions have been fighting each other in the battlegrounds. Can you lead a coalition to end the fighting and bring peace to Terra? This is the world of the two player game Token Terrors Battlegrounds by John de Campos and published by Terrible Games.

The first thing to notice about Token Terrors is the bag of tokens that are 3D sculpted minis for each of the 7 different factions in the game. The box is completely full of the tokens, 2 bags, the board instructions, a comic, and manual to use the tokens for a 5e game.

Setup is easy just set the battlefield board between the 2 players. Then roll off to determine first player in this pitched battle. Each player takes a Surge die and places it near them with the 1 side up and facing the player. The next part of setting the game up is for each player to draft their 10 tokens to form their side. Each player can only draft up 6 tokens from each faction and players cannot draft tokens from a faction that the other player already has drafted from.

Each player then puts the 10 tokens they drafted into their cemetery bag. The players then shake out (don't grab them out you can feel which tokens you are grabbing) 5 tokens to start with. Then starting with the second player you place a token alternating between players until all the tokens are placed. This setup gives the board the look and feel of a small game of Chess.

This game is much more than a game of Chess.

Just like in Chess players take turns moving pieces one at a time. This game is much more than a game of Chess. There are 3 facings that the tokens take they are fresh when facing the opponent, they are resting if they are facing you, and if they are facing the side of the board they are readied. This is one of the reasons why you cannot draft from the same factions as it would get confusing through the game.

You can also push your token further using some or all of your surge points.

During your turn You can refresh (turn them facing the opponent making them fresh) any number of tokens that are resting or readied. Then you issue 3 commands to one refreshed token of your choice. The commands are move, battle, enrage and use a talent. The enrage move can only be used once per turn the same with each talent. You can also push your token further using some or all of your surge points. After your done you can choose to keep your token fresh so it can defend itself or you may rest it and face yourself then you will gain a surge point. At the end of your turn you will add tokens from your reserves to the edge of the board so that you have 5 tokens on the board. You win the game by eliminating all of the other players tokens.

There are seven factions in Token Terrors Battlegrounds. Each of the factions are fairly typical fantasy lore like, gobblins, elves, zombies wyverns and human soldiers. There are a couple of non typical factions like flying machines and swamplings. Each of the factions have two unique talents they can use during the battle. There is a handy reference card for each of the factions to remind you of those talents.

The last part of the game of the game is the Terrible Tactics and the grudge cards. These add some extra flavor to the game. They can be unlocked through a series of challenges in the back of the rule book. when you meet the challenges you can open the envelope and reveal the new tactic or grudge cards that you can use in your next match up.

Token Terror Battlegrounds is a fun 2 player strategy game with great theming. The game has a lot of replay value especially with all the challenges at the end of the rule book. There are endless combinations (well I am sure there is a finite number I am just to lazy to do the math)of tokens that the player can make. This acombine with the simple ruleset will have this game coming to the table often.

Players: 2

Year Published: 2020

Recommended Ages: 12+

Time to Play: 20-40



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