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Valentines 2 Player Games

I thought it would be fun to put together a list of fun 2 player games to play with your partner on valentines day. I ranked them in level of difficulty and divided them up to help you decide what to bring along on your special date. Most of these games Mary and I have tried out on our own date nights. There is an online version or app for everyone of these games too(for the socially distant date). So here is the list. Enjoy.

First Date


Star Realms

Star Realms is a 2 player game that will only take you 20 minutes to play so if your date is not feeling it there is not too much time lost in your date. Star Realms pits two players against each other in a bid to rule the galaxy. The game has fairly simple rules and is a card game so you can take it with you easily. I have previously written on this one so If you would like more check it out here. This game is available on Amazon but I suggest checking out your local game store This game should only cost you about $15. If you don't want a deck of cards this game is available on every digital platform also.


Hive is a great compact game there is even a "pocket" version that has super small pieces. This game takes you into the realm of insects and has a super simple set of rules and a good amount of strategy (think chess with bugs). The game takes about 10-15m to play and will set you back about $25 for some high quality pieces and a zippered storage bag. I also have a longer review here.


Fugitive was designed by Tom Fowers the man behind Burgle Bros. Its a very fun game for two players that uses bluffing and deduction as the fugitive player tries to escape the detective. My wife Mary and I have played this a few times recently and we both enjoyed it. It doesn't take up a lot of time to get through a game 15m or so is all you need. It comes in a cool small form box fill with lots of great art. You can pick this up for less than $25.


Second Date

7 wonders Duel

This game was recommended by Nick from my gaming group. He and his wife like to play it. In 7 Wonders Duel you are buying cards from a common area and revealing cards along the way. The cards you buy are buildings that fall into several categories like civics production war and science. There are 3 ways to win this game by excelling in Science, War or acquiring the most victory points. Along the way you get to build some of the ancient wonders of the world like the library of Alexandria or the pyramids.I have played this game a few times this week and cant wait to play it again. This game is available as a print and play from Asmodee. Or you can pick it up from your favorite game store for about $35.

Code Names: Duet

Code Names is a fun series of games. The series covers themes like Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter and a bunch of other variants. In Code Names you give clues to the other player hoping that the guess the name or picture (depending on the version your playing). Your guessing names in Duet. The Unique feature of Duet is that it has a campaign mode that you can play with your partner(perhaps showing you're in for the long haul). I like this game because it helps you get to know your partner a little better and work on some communication skills. You will defiantly have a peak into how your partner sees the world. Pick this one up at your local game store for less than $20.



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