Sep 2, 2022

Rollacrit - Accessories (and Games) for the (Nerdy) People

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Chances are you have heard of Rollacrit if you have been to Gen Con in the last 2 years. In 2021 Rollacrit became the official merchandise partner of Gen Con and they hit the ground running. Their booth in a hall of the convention center had lines to rival the will call (and this year the Vaccine) line.

Rollacrit COO Conrad Pflumm and Rollacrit GM & Founder Erin Zipperle

So who is behind Rollacrit? Well Rollacrit is the brain child of Erin Zipperle, who after spending 7years at ThinkGeek decided to form a company of his own focused on gaming and pop culture. Rollacrit has come up with a lot of shirts, hats, pins and patches. But they have not stopped there they have game accessories and housewares and even their own game! Hereos of Barcadia, hit Kickstarter in mid 2021 and getting to the final stages of fulfillment as we speak.

Heroes of Barcadia is a game 2-6 player drinking game that comes with its own themed glassware. The glasses track your character's hit points right on the glass. The game came from a a April Fools day joke that eventually turned into a real game. The game is a dungeon crawler where you take on the roles of heors like Sir Drankalot the Inebriated, or Intoxica the Necromixer. As you battle monsters by revealing the hex tiles you and your friends will take drinks when you are damaged in battle. One cool feature of the game is that everything is absolutely waterproof. I know what your thinking can I play underwater? Ill leave that to you to figure out.

I know what your thinking can I play underwater?

So back to Rollacrit the company and all the awesome stuff they are doing. I was able to chat with company representatives at Gen Con and they just want us nerds to look good while we game and have the best accessories while we do it. One of the other design points of view they operate with is the "wink and nod" designing apparel that you can wear out and about and if you know you know. You know? That's to say in addition to having a line of casual cosplay shirts they also offer shirts will less obvious nerd branding like a t-shirt with all the clue weapons in a nice pattern.

For you Gen Con goers there still have plenty of the official merch left and I would grab it now before its all gone. Plus I think the on-line is a lot shorter wait than the hallway lines at Gen Con.