Introducing C3-D2

The Pandemic has been going on for seven months now and when it started our gaming group kinda knew we would be in for the long haul and started a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Our first session featured our friend Adam dusting off his DM skills and he took us on a 17 session adventure on Roll20. The adventure was a classic race against time as Adam's wife was pregnant the entire time we were playing. The good news is that the baby was born happy and healthy and we wrapped up the adventure the week before. This post is all about our new adventure that we have not started yet. This time Chris is going to take the lead as Dungeon Master. Today I will cover the my character story and some fun I had during our setup session.

Chris laid out the rules for us we are allowed to use the Players Handbook and one other source book to create our characters. For my character I chose the Eberon book as my plus one. So I created C3-D2 the Warforged Artificer. The Warforged are Steel and wood constructs that are sentient creatures. Artificers are "Masters of unlocking magic in everyday objects, artificers are supreme inventors." Artificers are likely the people behind the Warforged. Chris's adventure has us in a new world after a war and cataclysmic event that sent our party to parts unknown and we have been there for over 1500 days.

We find C3-D2 kicking in the front door of a manor house he is surrounded by a small group of soldiers. There is a war on and C3-D2 is part of an elite squad and their target this evening is the lord of the manor. As he leads the team up the stairs to the bedroom he readies his musket. The team secures the building and C3-D2 opens the room to find the lord holding a sword in his night shirt. C3-D2 squeezes the trigger of his musket.