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New Collaboration : Adventure Together Teams up with Only Games for an Enhanced Gaming Experience

We all love crowdfunded games and the minis. I have back a lot of awesome board games that come with minis. The thing that I don't have is time to paint the mini to make my game look awesome. This is why Adventure Together has teamed up with MyMiniFactory and Only-Games to deliver a full-color 3D printed miniature line specifically designed for TimeStrike: Shadow of Fear. Timestrike is the first game being released using Adventure Together's Source platform. The Minis are beautiful, check out the video below.

"This partnership is about more than just cutting-edge technology and accessible, table-ready miniatures," Chris Torres, Adventure Together Co-Founder

I have ordered minis as part of other reviews that I have done. These look next level. I am excited to see these in person. Checkout the kickstarter page to follow along. The planned start date for Timestrike is October 24th.



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