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Murder in the Kitchen with ARKHAM NOIR

First if all this game is on point when it comes to theme and artwork. That being said Arkham Noir case #1 is a single player. I highly recommend it for the dad who cant sleep after struggling to get his four month old daughter to bed. Also its fun for anyone who love the Lovecraftian genre.

I found the game slightly difficult to get set up the first time but there are a few handy cards

that help mark out the field of play and a diagram in the instructions. This game took two or three plays to get the hang of it. Its not complex but there are a lot of different mechanisms in play that cause a lot of reference back to the rule book. I do find the game very enjoyable to play. Much like most of the other Lovcraftian games its chanllenging to win, you are not going to solve the crime every time.

Designed by: Yves Tourigny

Players: 1

Published by: Ludonova

Year Published: 2017

Recommended Ages: 14+

Time to Play: 30 minutes



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