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Preview: Battle Card

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Postmark Games is at it again! This time they have brought in designer David Thompson who is known for the Undaunted series and Nils Johansson to design a one page war game. The games are quick and full of strategy. They have players playing 5 different scenarios that will be season one of Battle Card. This game is available on Kickstarter until October 1st 2023 so check it out. Postmark Games has been putting together a terrific line of print and play games including Waypoints, Voyages and Aquamarine. Battle Card is sure to be another strong game in that lineup.

Battle Card Game Moro River Senario
Moro River Senario

The first scenario in season on of Battle Card is the Malayan Campaign. This was a pivotal part of the Pacific Theater of World War II. The Japanese forces had the British forces on the retreat through the Malay peninsula. The British forces eventually lost the peninsula and Singapore. Battle card has the player take on the role of the British and trying to organize a hasty retreat an minimize their loses. The Japanese forces are strong and will always be at the players heals.

The rules are light and easy to understand and the game plays quick
Battle Cards - Mayalan Campaign Senario
Mayalan Campaign Senario

To play Battle Card players will set out dice on the map provided for the scenario. Smaller d6 dice do the trick, and players will want at least 2 colors to help keep the factions easily identifiable. The pips on the dice represent unit strength and the die it self is an individual unit. For each attack players will compare the ratio of pips on the enemy die and their die then consult the chart and roll to see the result. This will reduce one side or the other and possibly both. Movement is determined by each scenario the two scenarios we played the attacking force advanced into an empty spot along the attack path.

The second scenario that we previewed is the battle of Moro River. This has Canadian forces trying to push up the Moro River valley in Italy. This was a key battle in Italian campaign in WWII. The winter will affect the Canadian advancement through the strong German defenses. This scenario is has the player playing Canada in the attacker role. The scenarios both had a great blend of randomness and strategy that combines to make a hard scenario to win in an momentarily great way that adds to replay value. I loved the addition in the Moro River campaign of changing weather it add some interesting twists to the game.

Battle Card Game

Battle Card has the look and feel of large war games but only on a half page of paper. The rules are light and easy to understand and the game plays quick. Battle Card is the perfect game for someone that wants a strategy game will the flavor of the big war games. To get 5 scenarios for 5$ is an great deal.

Players: 1

Year Published: 2023

Recommended Ages: 16+

Time to Play: 15-20 minutes

A copy of Battle Card was provided to Bert's Tabletop Games for review purposes by Postmark Games.



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