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Review: Can't Touch This

Today we have small format game that delivers area control mechanisms into the palm of your hand. Can't Touch This designed by Jorge Zhang. Jorge has quite a few games that he has designed available on his site. Most of Jorge's games are print and play and between 1-4 players.

Can' Touch This is an area control game played on playing card for 1-2 players. The card contains a 5x7 grid of 7 different icons. The game is played with 6 paper clips 3 of one color and 3 of another color.

Each player takes 3 paper clips and the person holding the cards is the defender. The defender then begins the bidding process to play first. Each player bidding by increasing the bid by one or pass. Once someone has passed the other player will go first. However whatever the player bid who is going first will subtract what they bid from their score at the end of the game.

Once the game is under way they players take tuns sliding paper clips on the card so that the large side covers between 1 and four of the icons on the card. The paper clips should only be played perpendicular to the side of the card, no diagonals. Once all six clips have been attached then then the game is over. Depending on what icons you have captured will add to your final score. There are combinations that you can get like if you get 4 or more of one of the icons you will get 7 points but you loose points if you have 3 or less. There are others that increase the more you capture.There are some that are just worth negative points.

There are lots of fun strategies in this game with all the different combinations of icons.

There are lots of fun strategies in this game with all the different combinations of icons. If you head over to print and play Jorge's game you can hit a button to randomly generate a set of cards to print and play with. This makes the game super re-playable.

Can't Touch This is a great game to bring along with you in your daily life to play single player to try and get that high score while you are waiting at the bus stop or for your lunch. Its also a fun one for some of the younger game players to help build strategic thinking. All in all its a fun quick game that has a lot of replay value due to that random card generator. Don't forget to check out all of Jorge Zhang's other games at

Players: 1-2

Year Published: 2021

Recommended Ages: 10+

Time to Play: 5-10m

Transparency Statement

A copy of Can't Touch This was provided to Bert's Tabletop Games by Jorge Zhang for review purposes.



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