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Review: Night Quest

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Fill up your steins its going to be an epic night of drinking. Prepare yourself for an evening of drinking with some wild rules. We are taking a look into the wacky world of Night Quest an Epic Fantasy Drinking Adventure.

In the 6th and 5th century BC the earliest know drinking game was played in ancient Greece, Kottabos. This game had participants flinging the dregs of their wine to hit a target in the middle of the room. Its hard to believe that this would be the first documented drinking game after 5000 years of drinking. So two thousand more years later we have Night Quest a product 7000 years in the making.

The rules for Night Quest were very easy to grasp. There was no rule book it was a single sheet with 10 bullet points. The basics of the game are to defeat the foes and be the player with the most at the end. Along the way there are a lot of other cards that require some sort of skill test, quick reaction or other fun stuff. Fail at those and you'll end up drinking how much depends on each card.

We started playing this game with our group all in their 40s at a craft brewery. This is likely not the best situation for this game. I can recall a time in my 20s when this would be more suited or a rugby party of times past. Put your stouts down and pick up your Coors light to survive this night. I do want to mention at this point in time this game is not well suited for playing in public during a pandemic. There is a lot of stunts that have you sharing drinks and getting in each others faces.

Put your stouts down and pick up your Coors light to survive this night.

Each player takes a turn and that consists of drawing the top card of the deck and following the instructions on it. Most cards have Sip, Swig, Gulp or Guzzle on them and they highlight in red the action you are to take. We however found these a little hard to read in the dim brewery. There are a lot of memory games with is fun and mean(in a fun way) to drunk folks. There are other more traditional drinking game rules that can come up like I had one were i was to be addressed as Sir and if you did not then you had to drink.There is one particular card that we chose to play without as we were still in the midst of the pandemic. This was the cursed cup, were on the first draw everyone pours some of their drink into it and the luck chap who draws the next one has to drink it up.

Get a curse and you suffer a dreadful fate.

There are several types of cards in Night Quest. There are Champions which are held by the players until the special power is used for the first time then its placed face up for all to see. Next there are Quests these are one time actions or challenges to preform on a players turn. Enchantments are lasting effects in the game that can be use once or multiple times depending on the card. For example if the player draws his imaginary sword then all players have to do the same and the last one to do so drinks(use up to 5 times). Get a curse and you suffer a dreadful fate. The Foe cards are what everyone want to defeat. Follow the instructions on the card and the player who wins gets to keep the foe card. Have the most foe cards at the end and you win.

This seems like a game directed at a younger audience who want to have a wild night out. For us older gents who are a little more reserved and well not into jumping contests in the middle of the bar it might be a pass. The art and production value of the game is great and the ease of rules make it all the better for a drinking game. We had fun playing it and looking at all art on the cards.

Players: 3-8

Year Published: 2021

Recommended Ages: Drinking Age

Time to Play: 30-60



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