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Review: Sky Towers

I love to build a tower especially with my daughter (she really likes to knock them down). My daughter was asleep when my wife Mary and I dove into the world of Sky Towers. The rules did not take long to take in, they are only one page. This game is a forever free print and play game and available here.

The goal of the game is to be the player with the most kites in your completed towers and goal cards. How do you complete a tower? Well its easy you stack cards on top of each other until your towers point value is equal to 21 not over. Its a little like playing tower blackjack but the fun part is that a lot of the cards have special abilities. Cards like 5 make all the players discard down to 5 so if you get caught holding more than five you are putting cards back into the draw pile.

The art is real fun too as it features towers from all over like Tokyo Tower and London's Elizabeth tower. During your turn you do two actions and they can be drawing a card, Playing a card on a tower and putting an unfinished tower back into your hand. Playing cards on your tower is restricted to not playing a card that is at the top of any opponents towers. So if I have a 2 at the top of my tower you cannot play that at the top of yours. This simple rule adds so much strategy into the game. If your tower gets real messed up or someone else plays a card you don't want (8s and 9s can be played on other players towers and have no kites to score) you can tear it down and start over.

"Its nice, Its clean, Its good"

My wife really enjoyed this game. She wanted to play a second time right after we finished the first time. I asked her what she though and she replied "Its nice, Its clean, Its good". This is a bit of an in joke with us. We were in Japan I was there for work and Mary was there to take it all in. The hotel we were staying at offered a tour of the city once a week and we took them up on it. When we got to the lobby there was a film crew, apparently our tour was going to be filmed. When asked what we thought about Osaka all we could come up with was "Its nice, Its clean, Its good". Since then its become more or less a family slogan.

I agree with my wife this is a nice clean game and it was good. The rules were simple enough that we understood right away and the game was interesting enough to keep us playing. The game itself does not take long to play. Its really a great light weight game that I hope to play with our daughter one day. Until then it makes a great game to play while waiting at a restaurant (do people still do this?) or while your waiting for the rest of your game group to show up. We all know those guys who are late for game night... its usually me.

I encourage you to print and play this whimsical light weight game. After you check it out and if you do that before July 15th 2021 head over to board game geek and give this entry into the 54 card challenge a review or comment.



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