Review: The Quiet Year

For a long time now the planet we live on has dealt with a global pandemic and now we the survivors are tasked to build a community. We will have one quiet year before the Ice Pirates show up on our planet. What we know right now is that in this moment we have an opportunity to build something. This is the intro I used for our game of The Quiet Year.

The Quiet Year is a very unique role playing game designed by Avery Alder at Buried Without Ceremony. The Quiet Year has you and your fellow players acting as driving forces in a community not rolling up a specific character that you would play. All the players work together to build out a map of your community and the larger area around it. What you add on this map is what you are role playing.

A map from one of our D&D campaigns

We have been alternating between GURPS and D&D 5e and our D&D GM couldn't run the game last week so I said I would step in and facilitate a game of The Quiet Year. The Quiet Year can be fun to just play with the story line that is included or you can adjust it to fit into your existing world, we chose the latter. The community we built together would be a place that exists in the GURPS traveler setting that we are currently playing in. I knew this would be a good fit for our group as we really like to draw maps as we are playing D&D anyhow.