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Rugby Players

RUCK! 7s

I played rugby all through my 30s and really enjoy the sport. I learned so much about the sport through my local men's club The Chicago Riot. So It seemed natural to work on a game that is rugby themed. I wanted to highlight the non stop action on the field and all the different positions and their capabilities. I started designing Ruck! to fit this idea.

About RUCK 7s

RUCK 7s is a 18 card game built around the theme of Rugby 7s. Rugby 7s is a scaled down version of Rugby where instead of 15 players per team on the field there are only 7 and instead of 40 minute halves there are only 7 minute halves. This makes 7s a much faster paced game. This is what I wanted to capture with RUCK 7s.

The Rule book for RUCK 7s can be found here.

Design Journal
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