The year was 1941 and it was the second year of war, just before the Americans the battlefield. Germany was marching on Moscow and Japan was accumulating territory in the Far East. This is the stage that is set for Axis and Allies 1941. We assembled the gaming crew one more time around the Tabletop Simulator virtually staring each other down. I picked last so I ended up with the Axis.

Axis and Allies 1941 is very short version of Axis and Allies. It plays in about 2 hours a little longer if you are on Tabletop Simulator. Moving the pieces is not as easy with out a hand. The game started out pretty historical with Russia pushing back on the German position and Germany motoring into the Russian heartland. Then you have Japan picking off islands in the Pacific while Briton and the US are stockpiling and positioning for invading the continent.

We overload battles and lose a lot of tokens on the battle board.