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A Snack for Pigeons

Tonight it took us a few moments to figure out what to play. After 30 minutes of putting kids to bed and Chris's review of the Transformers: War for Cybertron and the musing about what the role-playing game would be like. We decided on A Game of Thrones: Feast of Crows.

We loaded up the module in vassal and then we had to unravel the mystery of who Adfan is.

Turns out it was Adam who mistyped his name. Now that we cleared up that mystery we started up the game. Tonight we had my friend from rugby join, this was Dustin's first time playing vassal and A Game of Thrones. Chris was just hanging out on Zoom to harass us during the game.

This game is a bit complex and will take you a while to figure out the rules. Feast of Crows is an expansion to the game that changes some of the mechanics of the original game. This version of the game includes the Stark, Baratheon, Lannisters and Arryn. and the south third of Westeros is not used in this game with exception of the Arbor (that island down by Oldtown).

"Is Arryn there? Then how do you breath?"

I am not going to bog down in the rules of this game in this review. If you want to read them they are available here. Turn one the first attack of the game I wiped out Dustin's entire stock of power tokens.This was a very jerk move on my part. I am sorry Dustin. After all was said an done the first turn took us an hour or so to get through. I could tell this was going to be a long night already.

As the turns ground on the Starks and the Braratheons started attacking the Lannisters leaving me (Arryn) out of this mess. I was just holding my ground grinding away at the victory point cards. It was all for not (I never scored Arryn house VPs due to my bringing down the power tokens immediately). Rick turned out a victory on this one hinged on his victory point savvy picking up 2 points in the arbor for the win.

"This is a rather complicated game."

I think Rick summed it up early on when he was describing the game to Dustin "This is a rather complicated game." Its a good game and a fun one, It just takes a while to get past the learning curve. Its worth playing a few times to get the full feel of it.

Designed by: Christian T. Petersen

Players: 3-6

Published by: Fantasy Flight Games

Year Published: 2011

Recommended Ages: 14+

Time to Play: 180 minutes



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