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Star Trek Ascendancy

So After a couple of beers and not having dinner, here we are exploring Star Trek Ascendancy. Due to a scheduling snafu we are not role playing tonight and are playing Star Trek Ascendancy. Tonight we had to learn the rules as we decided on the spur of the moment to play this game and we decided on the short play rules.

This game starts you off in early days of exploring in the Star Trek universe. Rick took the

lead reading the rules and explaining them as he made his way through the beautiful yet poorly organized rule book. Chris grabbed the Romulans Rick played the Federation and I helmed the Klingon Empire.

This is a fun game that allows you to create the universe you are playing in as the game proceeds. You start on your home world equidistant from the other players. As you declare your movements to bold new worlds you roll a die to see how far they are away. Then you draw the system and attach it to where you came from. You use the 2, 3 or 4 length space lanes. You attach these in whatever direction you want and put the system at the other end of the space tube. You can move this around when you place the next space lane leaving the system. Once a system has 2 space lanes attached it cannot move but before that you are allowed to move it to get it close enough to connect to another system or far away that it cannot connect, depends on you style of play.

"It was only the Romulans that would meet the Klingons on the battlefield."

So in our game the Romulans hugged the edge of the game play area while the Federation and the Klingons flirted with joining up but never did. It was only the Romulans that would meet the Klingons on the battlefield. Much like most games of exploration and exploration you explore the universe and take its resources to build up your fleets and research technology and then try an obliterate the other players into space dust. We wasted some time trying to learn the rules and how the vassal module worked and sadly we called the game before it was actually finished. I was closest to winning this game so I as good Klingon declared victory.

The game plays good and quickly once you get underway the rules are straight-foreword most of the time. It has a lot of depth with the advancement deck and the upgrades that you can advance. Most of all I like the unique way that the exploration works, being able to adjust the galaxy to fit the distances you are working with is great and makes for a more complete galaxy. Put this game in your must try list, for more advanced gamers.

Designed by: Aaron Dill, John Kovaleski, Sean Sweigart

Players: 3

Published by: Gale Force Nine, LLC

Year Published: 2016



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