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Connected: Player Decks

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Working on connected has been a little slow as of late. I have been doing most of designing in my head during walks or other down time. Then I catch up in my trusty notebook. The player decks have been hard to come up with all of the cards. My goal is to make each player card unique.

The game is going to be driven by the player decks. Almost every action a player can take is going to be printed on the card itself with a few minor actions you could take by discarding a card. The cards in each deck will be unique to that player creating an asymmetrical system for the players to use in their goal to become the dominant internet company.

I wanted each player to have a somewhat unique experience

I wanted each player to have a somewhat unique experience while playing so having been in the IT industry and working with telephone companies for the last 20 year I knew a little about what makes each of them a little unique in the marketplace. So now I had to boil that down into a deck of cards for each of the player decks.

Version 1.0 of the cards for Connected Deck 1

Each card will have an option of two actions that can be taken.This will allow flexibility in strategy and force some very interesting decision making as you reach the end of the hand and your have less options. I have been toying with the idea of having a set of basic actions like place one token anywhere as an option but you would have to discard a card to do that. I haven't quite sold myself on that idea yet I think if we build the card decks right there should be a slim chance of a player having a card that cannot do anything during their turn.

Another thing that the individual decks will allow for is future expansions or downloadable content like a print an play deck as a promo. I am a fan of always having options and leaving them open for future decisions.

I also am working on a shared goal/objective something that all the players have to work on something a kin to the wildlings in Game of Thrones board game but with a little more affect. I want this to be very competitive and also have a cooperation aspect to it like in real life. This mechanic is coming soon in the next post about Connected.



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