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Drinking Bleach and Playing Axis and Allies

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Its been 34 days of being under our states stay at home order. Our commander in chief is fighting an invisible enemy with the military and advising us to inject the sun into our bodies to fight the virus. So what better time to take up Axis and Allies? My good friend Rick had worked on a mod for Vassal. We decided to give it a go. So Chris, Adam, Rick and myself grabbed beers and cracked open Axis and Allies Revised edition.

Since 2 of us have kids we start fairly late and for Chris who is a timezone ahead its even later. We attempted to load up Star Trek Catan but the module wasn't working real well. So we went Axis and Allies instead. Chris and I took on the roles of Germany and Japan while Rick and Adam were the Allies. Chris not wanting to be up too late perused a particularly aggressive strategy that as his partner was a little more than concerning.

A few moves into the game I came to a realization that this game was not the thing we were seeking tonight. This game in particular was a comfort blanket since Rick Chris and I have been playing this game together for more than 2 decades. The thing we sought out tonight was that sense of familiarity and normalcy. Playing a game together was Merely the backdrop to talking about the world, seeing how we are holding up and how our families are doing.

This game was a great distraction and really felt nice To play it with some close friends. Thanks to the guys for getting together and doing this. Back to the game because I am sure you’re all dying to know how it went. Well we only made it into the third round of the game after the German leader decided it was too late for him. To decide the game we would play the last big battle. The Japanese fleet that occupies Hawaii made a move on the US west coast.

It was a gamble but that’s how the Axis was playing all night fast and loose. After losing enough units that I had conceded to the Allied forces we came close but were edged out by the American fleet. Good night and as a friendly reminder don’t drink bleach.



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