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Gen Con '24 Important Dates

Welcome to 2024! If you are headed to Gen Con this year these are your important dates. Gen Con 2024 is being held August 1st-4th at the Indianapolis convention center in Indianapolis. Gen Con sold out last year so its important if you know you're going to get your badge right away. Also if you plan on booking a hotel be aware of the housing block schedule. This will fill up really quick too. As we get into May start making your wishlist of events you want to get into and on the 19th event registration will begin.

February 11th - 12:00PM EST - 4Day Badges and Single day Badges go on sale

February 25th - 12:00PM EST - Housing blocks open

May 19th - 12:00PM EST - Event Registration begins

August 1-4 - Gen Con 2024 (The Best Four Days In Gaming)

2024 Gen Con ticket prices.

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