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Holiday Games and Activities

So the holiday season is upon us. As the holidays draw close and the pandemic is still here. Its going to a long winter as we all hunker down in our homes and have limited experiences out. As you know from reading the blog posts My gaming friends and I have been virtual since March. We have been finding many different ways of doing that. In this post I will offer up some fun things to do while locked up at home.

First up is a fun board game scavenger hunt. Board Game Quest has setup a contest to guess the piece. In a sentence you have to guess the game each piece is from to enter into the contest. This one is hard, when I started on it I was stumped after a couple of them. This should keep you busy for a while.

This one is hard, when I started on it I was stumped after a couple of them.

The advent calendar was brought to us by the Lutherans in 19th century. This year our family is flush in them My (awesome) wife got us a German beer advent calendar and California wine advent calendar. Grandma got our daughter a chocolate one, she might still be a little young to be munching chocolate every day. In perusing my local games store the other day I came across the dice advent calendar. It looks nice but the price is near that of a full board game. There is also something awesome to check out at Board Game Arena. They are releasing a new game everyday in December. If your not familiar with BGA you should head over and check it out. There are a lot of great games to play there. I love the version of Puerto Rico that is on BGA.

Here are some Christmas themed games to check out.

Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist Board Game

This game is the last piece of evidence you need that the movie Die Hard is a Christmas movie. The two sides in the game have green pieces and red pieces. Although I have not actually played this game myself its been recommended to me by several people who have good taste in games. Enjoy a heist with your family with Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist Board Game.

Munchkin: Christmas (Various Expansions)

Munchkin is one of our family and game group favorites. Its a comical card based dungeon crawler. There are so many expansions for this game its hard to track. There at least 5 Christmas themed expansions. They only release them for sale for the Christmas season so grab them while you can.

Santa's Workshop

Santa's Workshop is a worker placement game from Rio Grande Games. In this game you lead your team of elves to mind the reindeer and mine the coal. at a 7.3 on Board Game Geek its worth a play, Rio Grande puts out some quality family games.

Also check out our Free Stuff post for more free games to play at home. Enjoy the holiday season with your family and lets all make the best of it together at home where we are all safe.



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