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Last Night on Earth... Maybe

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Last night on earth is a classic Zombies versus the Humans. Being that we are in the middle of a pandemic we figured sure why not play a zombie game. I would like to apologize right now that I deleted the temporary folder that had all the pictures of this game. So no pretty pictures this time round.

So this is another game we played on Vassal. Last Night on Earth can be played as a asymmetric game or a good vs evil game. In our case we had 4 players so we went with 2 Zombie players and 2 humans both with 2 hero characters. Nick and Chris took on Rick and myself.

This game is a very slick game in the respect that it looks nice all the components are photo

quality and the minis look good. The Vassal mod looked nice too and it had some good features like random draw of the board. The board for Last Night on Earth consists of a central board surrounded by 4 L shaped pieces. I went back into vassal to get some shots of the game, unfortunately its not the actual game we played.

Out the of the gate the zombies got all 14 markers out on the board after the first turn. It was looking great for Rick and myself. After being accused of playing dumb Nick replied with "Its not the character that has no plan its me". Then the hero players got some guns and everything changed. The Nick and Chris wasted no time pushing us back. The shotgun is a powerful tool and took us out quickly because we grouped around the hero players.

The scenario we "Die Zombies, Die" was as straightforward as it gets. The only goal was to kill 15 zombies in 15 turns. So having 14 zombies piled around you and a shotgun in your hand makes the scenario quite easy. Rick and I lost gracefully.

I would recommend this game for someone who is into the zombie genre and would like a light hearted quick playing game.

Designed by: Jason C. Hill

Players: 2-6

Published by: Flying Frog Productions, Heidelberger Spieleverlag

Year Published: 2007

Recommended Ages: 12+

Time to Play: 90 minutes



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