North America, Its getting hot in here.

The viruses we raging through North America. The vaccine had been discovered and it looked like we were en-route to discovering the third and final cure. The kids were in bed and my wife Mary and her brother Ryan and Emily his wife and I were playing Pandemic North America Hot Zone on Tabletop Simulator.

Pandemic HZNA is a really scaled down version of Pandemic. It was kind of the perfect thing for us to play on a week night. Pandemic HZNA should take about 30 minutes to play. There are only four roles to play; Dispatcher, Generalist, Medic and the Researcher. The map is smaller than the original map and there are only 3 deadly diseases rather than the 4 you have to fight in the original. The structure of the game is identical to the original. The game moves a lot faster as there are less cities in the game and still 3 epidemic cards. It only takes four outbreaks to trigger the end game loss.

The scaled down version of pandemic has made it super portable it comes in a much smaller box and can be played in a matter of 30 minutes. We played through it 2 times on weekday evening and it really fit the bill. We lost 2 times, mostly because I kept saying "our goose is cooked" more times than one should. I kept hovering over the player draw de