Park Hero the game: Designer Interview

I was able to connect with Jesse Klug the designer of the upcoming game Park Hero the game. Jesse lost his job as a theatrical designer when the pandemic took away live entertainment almost a year ago. Since then Jesse has been working on a passion project designing a board game that reflects his family and friends love of the National Park system here in the US. I was able to get some time with him and ask a few questions to get some insight into his design and process.

My job as a theatrical designer disappeared on March 12, 2020. Live entertainment has been basically illegal in this country since then.

How did you get in to game design and what led you there.

Jesse: So I guess 2 things get us to the end game. One-I have a group of 4 friends from high school that I have been going on a yearly camping trip with for the last 20 years. We go with our wives and children now and it’s wonderful. We collectively have a huge love of the great outdoors and national parks and have been trying to plan our trips to see at least one new one every year. It’s a great thing to share with close friends who are practically family. We grew up together playing game