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Review: Charty Party

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

During the day my job as an Network Engineer has me deep in spreadsheets and charts. I get really into displaying information in a way that is easily readable. A lot of times that's a chart. So when Charty Party showed up at our doorstep i was rather excited. Especially when it showed up before Christmas. I was excited to share Charty Party sister-in-law Emily who is in grad school right now.

Charty Party is a more unique take on the party game. Rather than just using some word association Charty Party has the first player drawing and placing a chart on to the table. Most of the chart cards will have along the x-axis of the line chart some numbers, time or words. Each of the charts also has a title. For example there is one called "Pages Deep in a Google Search" and along the x-axis is 0, 5,10, 15, and 20. The line in this example is a simple one going from the top left down to the bottom right.

The other players who have a hand of seven cards that will represent the y-axis of the graph. The y-axis cards will have a simple phrase on them. for our example of "Pages Deep in a Google Search" a player might play "Belief That Things Are Going to be Just Fine". This would imply that the more pages you searched on google the less you believe things are going to be "Just Fine". Each player plays the card face down and when all the players have played the judge will shuffle the cards and read them allowed to the group.

"her father joined us he was also laughing before the he played the first card."

I knew that this would be a fun game when my sister-in-law Emily's mom was laughing out loud before she even put a card on the table. When her father joined us he was also laughing before the he played the first card. We were all adults playing at the table during Christmas while the kids were playing in the other room. There are two versions of this game there is the original version and the all ages version. We had the original version. This game included some things that are not appropriate for kids.

This is a fresh spin on the party game for the number and chart nerds friends. I enjoyed playing and our group found it hard to stop. This is a good one for larger gatherings where you would normally get out one of the "Something against Something"games. Its a fun introduction to charts for the uninitialized.

Players: 3+

Year Published: 2019

Recommended Ages: 17+

Time to Play: 30-90 Minutes

A copy of Charty Party was provided to Bert's Tabletop Games for review purposes by Very Special Games.



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