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Review: Daimyo Senso

The 16th century in Japan is full of social upheaval and civil war. The Sengoku period is marked by the fall of feudalism following the Ōnin War. The shogunate had lost control over the daimyōs (local lords) and each was battling for control of Japan. This is the setting of Daimyo Senso (local lord wars) an area control game where you take on the role of one of the Daimyōs.

Daimyo Senso is a war game for 1-8 players where each plays as one of the great Daimyos of the 16th century Japan. The game takes place on a map of Japan that is broken down into 8 regions that have multiple providences. The Providences have one of three things in them a City, Fortress or castle. These offer different bonuses throughout the game. The game takes place over 4 years each of which have 4 seasonal turns.

The thing that sets Daimyo Senso apart from other area control games that I have played is that each faction has a specific action they will take on a turn. During the year each player will preform a deploy, a move and 2 attack actions. Each player also has General cards that enhance each of the actions. There are four of them and you can play one per year.

When you preform the deploy action you gain one troop for every city and castle and you may place the new troops on any of the cities and castles you control. To take the move action you add up all your fortresses and castles, you may move that many units to your providences or any empty providences.Finally the attack action allows you to attack an adjacent providence. You will count all the units in your providence then divide in half rounding down and destroy that many units in the providence that you attacked with a minimum of one unit being destroyed. The rules are so easy and concise that they were able to print them on the board as a reference.

"...less analysis paralysis and cutting down on time between your turns keeps everyone more engaged."

The game plays fairly quick but I am sure it slows down the more players you add into the mix. However since you do not have a choice on the action your are taking it will lead to less analysis paralysis and cutting down on time between your turns, keeps everyone more engaged.

Daimyo Senso is a good entry point for folks wanting to get into area control war games. Its also a nice mid week after work game that seasoned players would enjoy to have in their collection. Daimyo Senso also offers a fun turn based multilevel strategy game that will have people coming back for more.

Players: 1-8

Year Published: 2021

Recommended Ages: 12+

Time to Play: 40-120m

Transparency Statement

A review copy of Daimyo Senso was provided by Warrior With a Pen to Bert's Tabletop Games for review purposes .



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