Review: ESPC: ExtraSensory Perception Combat

What would you do if you had ExtraSensory Perception? Since this is a blog about games the answer is clear... battle your friends in combat. That is just what you get to do in E.S.P.C by Stone Phoenix Games. My Wife Mary and I got to play a few rounds of E.S.P.C. designed for 2-6 humans 10 and up. And without any further delay here is the full scoop on E.S.P.C

E.S.P.C. is a fast paced bluffing game played until one player reached the VP goal. If you have 2 players its 5 and 3-5 players it will be 4 and if you have a lot of friends it will be only 3 VP to win. This game fits into typical card game box. The deck comes with several different card types first you have the VP cards to track your scores and the reference cards to help you on your way to mental superiority. Then you have the red cards, these are the reference cards that get laid down in the common area so that everyone is aware of the powers of all the cards that are in the current game. Lastly there are the blue cards these will make up the deck that will be used to play the game.