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Review: Fact or Fire

When I think of trivia I think of somebody asking a question and then other people answering the question. Games like trivia pursuit, Hexaquest or bar trivia are what my mind goes to when I hear trivia. Fact or Fire turns that idea on its ear by adding bluffing into trivia. Players will add a fact they have made up to a pool of actual facts while the other players will have to figure out what are fact and not get burned by the bluff.

In Fact or Fire there are five categories of trivia Animal, Places, Human, Laws and Food. Each card in the game is associated with one of the five categories. The cards have 3 facts on them related to the category and a blank space on the bottom. Players will take turns writing a made up fact on the bottom of the card or clipping the card to a provided whiteboard card. The active player will then read off all 4 facts including the one hey just wrote down. The player will read them off in an order of their choosing trying to shake the players off the trail of their non true fact.

Players will simultaneously reveal the number of the fact they believe to be the made up one. The active player will then reveal which fact was the one they made up. The active player then scores a point for each player who did not guess their fact. If someone guesses the fact then they become the new active player. Play continues until a player gets 21 points.

We enjoyed making up random information when we played and the categories had some fun facts that we learned along the way. The game box comes with everything you need to play 150 topical cards, a dry erase marker, dice to break ties and 3 whiteboard cards to keep score and write down false facts.

Fact or Fire is a party style game that tests players wits against each other. Players try and bluff each other into believing their not so true facts that are nestled in with 3 other real facts. This game is a great ice breaker or party game. Games like Trivial Pursuit have hundreds of cards and Fact or Fire comes with 150 so the replay value is rather low comparatively. This game does however pack a lot of fun in a small box.

Players: 3-8+

Year Published: 2023

Recommended Ages: 14+

Time to Play: 30-90 minutes

A review copy of Fact or Fire was provided to Bert's Tabletop Games for Review purposes by Game Zonkey.



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