Review: Fire Tower Rising Flames

PSA:So Its fire prevention week here in the US so everyone replace those smoke detector batteries and go over the plan if there is a fire with the family. Also its no coincidence that the Great Chicago fire happened this week in 1871. The Great Chicago fire leveled 2,000 acres of the city. This spurred a revolution in building codes focused on safety and subsequently lead to the amazing architecture that is throughout the city of Chicago. For those of you in the woods on the west coast our heart is with you as this fire season has been tragic.

With all this fire in mind I am bringing you a review of Fire Tower with the Rising Flames expansion from Runaway Parade Games. Much Like General Sheridan fought the Great Chicago fire by blowing up buildings before the fire could spread through them and all the brave fire fighters in the west that are fighting the forest fires there, we will fight fire with fire in our review of Fire Tower: Rising Flames