Review: Micro Marco Crime City

Welcome to Crime City, a place not for the faint of heart. This city is full of action and crimes, lots of crimes. There is even a case to solve on the cover of the box. Unpack your huge map of the city and pull out your clues as we enter the world of Micro Macro Crime City by Johannes Sich and produced by Pegasus Spiele. Also don't forget a cute magnifying lens!

The came comes with 16 crimes to solve on a giant (30"x42") beautifully drawn map. Each crime consists of a handful of cards that have you looking all over the map for clues and solving the case. There is even a magnifying lens for the detail work! The map is a full of tiny details and characters. It seems like if you live in Crime City your a victim of a crime or a criminal. Its actually a lot of fun just to look at the map and see all the little things going on.

" I said in the beginning of this review there is a lot of crime in crime city."