Review: Space Kraken

The weather has been hot here in Chicago and I was able to sit outside in the shade an open up Space Kraken. I received a preview copy and its not the full version will all of the extras that are coming with the kickstarter. Speaking of, there are only a couple of days left in the fully funded kickstarter so after reading this review I suggest you go check it out right away if you are interested. So without further delay here is Space Kraken!

Years after the events of 2025 leave the planet Earth with a collapsed biosphere and anyone with the ability to get into space is scrambling to do so. You find yourself amongst those who have escaped the now inhospitable Earth. What precipitated all this chaos that destroyed Earth? In the year 2025 scientists created a genetically modified deep-sea Kraken to consume the vast amounts of toxic waste and tons of radioactive waste that the humans have been dumping into the sea. A few wars latter and some nuclear missiles only made it stronger and eventually the Kraken left Earth leaving behind a world that was on the brink of collapse.

"the CGM provides an immersive experience that has you feeling like you and the crew are actually exploring space."