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Review: Tiger Stripes

Welcome to the jungle we have fun and games, more specifically we have a fun game. This is Tiger Stripes a game of young tigers earning their stripes through hunting prey and or set collection. This game is quick fun and entertaining for everyone 7 and up. Join us as we look at the newest release of Tiger Stripes by Isabel duBarry.

This is a two to four player game where you take on the role of a young tiger trying to earn their stripes. The first tiger to get 7 stripes wins. This game has a very clear win condition.

So how do you earn those stripes? Well that's pretty easy too. All you have to do is collect a set of three prey cards and then you earn the stripes associated with the card. For example a set of three deer cards will get you 3 stripes and a set of three monkey cards will get you one stripe.

Each player starts the game with 2 cards in hand and a tiger to fill with 7 stripe tokens. The game has 50 cards in the play deck and four adorable tigers that will not scare anyone in the family. There is a row of five face up cards in the common play area that is referred to as the jungle this is where you will see the four different prey cards and the tiger play cards (not the ones each player has to get stripes).

Be keen like a tiger and select your prey carefully.

On a players turn they can do one of three actions. They may draw a card from the top of the draw deck. They may take one of the face up tiger cards. Or finally they may capture prey. You may only do one action per turn so be keen like a tiger and select your prey carefully.

To capture prey you have to discard cards from your hand and match up the jewels on the cards you discarded to the jewels on the card(s) you want to pick up. You may discard as many cards as you like at this point to use the jewels to capture prey. When we played this we found the jewels a little hard to match up. All the cards you used go in the discard pile then all of the prey you captured goes into your hand. At this point if you captured any sets of three you may discard them and earn the associated stripes. You may also use one tiger card with a set of 2 cards to complete a set of three.

The turns do not take long and there is always a fulfilling action you can take as a player.

After you have finished putting your sets down and earning your stripes then you can refill the five cards in the jungle and its the next players turn. The game ends immediately when someone ears the seventh stripe. The turns do not take long and there is always a fulfilling action you can take as a player.

Tiger Stripes is a great family game. I brought it out to our Thursday night game group (formally our Thursday night soccer group but it got cold). and 4 middle aged men thought this was the best game of the night. So I really mean it when I say it can be fun for the whole family. Get Tiger Stripes to your table for your family game night!

Players: 2-4

Year Published: 2021

Recommended Ages: 7+

Time to Play: 15m

We were provided a review copy of this game



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