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Star Wars: Outer Rim

I have seen this game in the local game store for months and it was at the top of the list for sometime. I love star wars. Fantasy Flight does great work with the Star Wars universe. Lets hit the hyperdrive and head to Star Wars: Outer Rim.

For this game I had Adam and Rick over to crack open this game for the first time. I was

taking on the role of IG-88 Rick was Lando Calrissian and Adam was Jyn Erso. The board for this game is a giant arc with all the planets of the Outer Rim along it. In Star Wars: Outer Rim you complete jobs that the different factions (Hutt, Imperial, Rebel, and Syndicate) offer you. Completing these can give you Fame the main victory point of the game or credits that you can use to recruit crew or upgrade your ship.You can also take on bounties and hunt down your marks throughout the Outer Rim. You can also gain fame by completing ship and personal goals.

The game was thematic and had a cast of characters that you would expect out of a Star Wars game. The game function very well and there were no obvious mechanics issues as we played. We did all agree at the end of the game that it would be a more interesting game if there were bigger differences in characters and how they functioned mechanically. It the game play was more diverse depending on your character this would put this game over the top for me. All and all it was a fun game and we all enjoyed it. As a Star Wars geek this is a fun game to have in the collection and I am happy my wife Mary got it for me for Christmas.

Designed by: Corey Konieczka, Tony Fanchi

Players: 1-4

Published by: Fantasy Flight Games, Rebel

Year Published: 2019

Recommended Ages: 14+

Time to Play: 180 minutes



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