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Supremacy of Dunces

So after a lot of talk of playing Sword of Rome we decided nobody was fresh enough on the rules to play. We hastily decided on playing Supremacy instead. This one we haven't played in a much longer time but decided the rules were simple enough. Dominate the other players with traditional and nuclear force all without causing nuclear winter and making everyone lose the game. We all hopped on Vassal and Zoom and got right to it.

During our fist turn it be came very apparent that Chris who was playing USA was out to break the market portion of the game by prospecting for all the grain cards in the game. Immediately in the second turn the battles started. Rick representing the Peoples Republic of China took a providence away from Adam's Union of Soviet Sovereign Republics. While Confederacy of South America (Pete) worked on building up units and developing nukes I League of European Nations also developed nukes and built troops.

This game is quite silly. Its a very basic game that tries to re create the cold war. The rules are decent, not great but they work. There is a market system that gets exploited way too easy. Another feature is a the simulation of the 80s Star Wars program. Where you can use your defensive L-Star satellites to shoot each other in orbit. You can also use them to stop nukes.

In our game Rick (PRC) came out swinging in the nuclear war by taking Kazakh out of the game permanently with a nuke and Adam (USSR) retaliated by taking the neutral country of Turkey. This game has a rule that you get a counter attack against any amount of attacks anywhere on the board if you are attacked. This makes for some chaotic times. Knowing is half the battle and Nukes is the other. Whomever designed this module put in an enjoyable feature by adding a explosion noise when you place the nuke piece. We were very entertained by this.

As soon as we were able to we started launching nukes all over the globe. 11 nukes went off in the first round we had them. This is the point in the game where you see how ludicrous nuclear war is and so did we as nuclear winter fell and we all lost the game.

Designed by: Robert J. Simpson

Players: 2-6

Published by: Descartes Editeur, Grow Jogos e Brinquedos, Supremacy Games

Year Published: 1984

Recommended Ages: 12+

Time to Play: 340 minutes



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