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That's it we are going to Mars

CEOs of four terraforming companies met one night to decide the fate of Mars. You take on

the role of a corporation that is Terraforming Mars over several generations (turns). We all started with the Basic Corporation. This time we had Chris, Rick, Adam and Tony running the basic corps to vie for the glory of being the best at terraforming Mars. Again as we are still under stay at home orders we used vassal engine and zoom as the on line platform. That being said I have seen this game on steam and mobile apps.

The goal of this game is to get the most terraforming points. You get these by raising the

temprature oxygen level and creating oceans. After all 9 oceans are played the oxygen level gets to 14% and the temprature of the planet is an average of +8 C the game ends. My Corporation being the company of action started off with some solar power and a strip mine. You buy these project cards and then can play them to manipulate the board like building cities, forested areas and oceans. All these can get you more points at the end of the game. There are standard projects you can preform without the cards and those are conveniently listed on the board itself.

We played through 7 generations of the game when we maxed out all the terraforming goals. The game turned out to be super close win for myself. There are a lot of ways to win. In addition to the terraforming points you can get victory points to add by achieving milestones or gaining awards both at the bottom of the map. The milestones you pay for when meet the requirement and only 3 players can have access to them. The awards get activated and at the end of the game the players with the most and second most of the activated category get more victory points.

This was my 3rd time playing this game and I find the mechanics well laid out and easy to understand the imagery of the cards aid you through most of the mechanics. I would love to play some of the expansions to this game. I defiantly recommend this to the experienced gamer.

Designed by: Jacob Fryxelius

Players: 1-5

Published by: FryxGames,, Stronghold Games

Year Published: 2016

Recommended Ages: 12+

Time to Play: 120 minutes



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