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Untitled Space Race Game: Intro

Space... I have always loved space and space themed games. Recently I had a night where my brain was keeping me up at night. Basically that night i designed an entire game including the map it would play on. I got up early the next day and wrote it all down.

The game I came up with was a hex based print and play game for 3-5 players. You are all pilots of space craft and you are racing to Drake station and back. Why Drake well its named after Frank Drake the author of the Drake Equation the second most famous equation in science. The Drake equation estimates the number of alien societies outside of Earth.

So the racing game why am I excited about it? Well I am a big star wars fan and I was inspired by the Kessel run. Rather than a smuggling run this is a race. On the way to and from the Drake Station ships dodge moons asteroids and interstellar clouds. The ships can also resupply at supply satellites and use planetary gravity to slingshot themselves ahead of the competition.

The unique feature of this game is that the ships are tied to each other.

The unique feature of this game is that the ships are tied to each other. Not physically, they all move independently. They share resources and damage. between each player is a tracker sheet and each player may use the sheets immediately to the left and to the right of them when taking their turn. I am still working out a thematic justification for this that fits.

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