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Cogito Ergo Meeple Unveils Their Latest Game Release: Take a Sneak Peek

Cogito Ergo Meeple creators of Solar 175 and Luddite has announced their newest game Meeple Inc. In an alternative 1970's meeples and humans have been coexisting in society. Meeples with their industriousness and humans with their ingenuity will come together to create the best board games. You are put in the role of the CEO of the board game company and will have to hire specialists, craft components and manufacture mechanisms while trying to win win awards and become the most popular game.

Meeple Inc Mock up
Meeple Inc Mock-up

The Meeple Inc. crowdfunding campaign will kick off at the beginning of March 2024. Cogito Ergo Meeple is looking to maintain their quality components that were present in Solar 175 and their other games. There will be tiny board game boxes and wooden tokens. There are going to be upgraded components available in the crowdfunding campaign including metal trophies, acrylic standees, and a larger custom box. The game will include as the primary mechanic worker placement. This is a campaign to watch and worth checking out.

   Players:     1-6

   Year Published:     2023

   Recommended Ages:     16+

   Time to Play:     20 minutes per player



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