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Gen Con 23: Drinks

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

I was just sitting on the patio the other day enjoying a fine beverage and playing a game outside. Gen Con is coming up soon and obviously there are a ton of games but what does one do if they want to enjoy a beverage there? Well bellow I will give you a taste of what there is in Indianapolis.

Gen Con Block Party

Gen Con 23 BlockParty Map

For all of you who have been to Gen Con in the last few years we have enjoyed the beer garden and food trucks (parade? ) on Georgia st. Well they have moved the party to a more logistically suitable place on South Street. This is between the Indianapolis Convention Center and the Lucas Oil Stadium. There is a long hallway from the southeast of the convention center all the way to the block party. No crossing the street this year!

As it has been the case for many years the official beer of Gen Con will be made by local brewery Sun King. This year the beer wizards at Sun King have whipped up an english-style mild ale with a dab of honey. What is an English-style mild? "The quintessential British session beer, like its name suggests, a Mild is known for its low level of hop character. Similarly, the alcohol content is traditionally very low, too" - Clearly the best way to fully know what this beer is all about is by going to the block party and grabbing a cold one

Sun King Beer Garden Hours

Wednesday Tapping Party: 5 pm – 10 pm

Thursday – Saturday: noon – 10 pm

Last year was the first year of a official wine at Gen Con. Back for the second year is Daniel's Vineyard. They will be bringing back Dragon Dew a sweet white wine with notes of citrus, lime, and orange. Also back is Dragons Blood a dry red blend with aromas of raspberry, blackcurrant, and tobacco with bold flavors of black cherry, espresso, and chocolate. Added to the mix for 2023 is Code Red Rosé, and we know what that sequined t-shirt says "Rosé all day". All of these wines are available at Daniel’s Vineyard tent throughout the convention.

Critical Hit Soda

A new player enters. Critical Hit Soda is the first official mocktail sponsor. Critical Hit soda is like that fresh kickstarter with all the minis, they will be offering 100 different flavors at the block party. Definitely worth checking out.


Goodwood is just around the corner from the block party (5 minute walk from the convention center). Goodwood brewery has some great beers if you are looking more for a sit-down situation especially if you want some themed food to enjoy with you local beers and spirits. Get there early as this place tends to fill up because they are so close to the convention.

Wild Bill's Soda

Out on the Georgia St Block party you can get your self a collectors mug and unlimited refills for the convention of Willd Bill's Soda. They offer a lot of fun flavors like root beer, orange, black cherry and a lot more.

Taxman Brewing

Has some Gen Con specials too! Take a chance and roll a d20 to get a random beer from the menu or try one of their 3 mix drink specials. Only a 12 minute walk from the ICC.



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