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Gen Con 23: Game Preview

I go every year to Gen Con and its a great time. I usually go without a plan and meander through the Indiana Convention Center aimlessly. This year is differentish. I have gone through lists and plucked out some games that I am excited to see at Gen Con this year. Below is a list of my highlights, far from a complete list as there are thousands of games to check out.

Star Fighters: Rapid Fire

This is a 2 phase game where in the first phase players will be rolling dice to get results that will help their ship charge up weapons, shields, or other specialty items to battle the other players. This happens in real time until one of the players stops the action. Then players will place dice to charge up said ship functions and activating them. I previewed this game a few years ago and it will be great seeing the retail version in person. This will be at Alley Cat Games in booth 2766

Sea Salt & Paper

Push your luck in this set collecting game where you will make some awesome card combos. This is available in the Pandasaurus booth 215

Charcuterie: The Board Game

They had me at drafting meats. Charcuterie has players drafting food tiles and arranging them on a plate to get the highest score. Can you create the perfect plate of charcuterie? Visit 3WS games at booth 151 to check this one out.


Uwe Rosenberg's newest game of planting and harvesting fields of flowers. You must play your hand in order so this makes it tricky. The solution to the order problem is trading cards with other players. Players will run through the deck 3 times and then the game is done.Find this one at booth 2105 Amigo Games.

Ark Nova: Marine Worlds

This is an expansion to Ark Nova and if you loved building a zoo think of the fun of building an aquarium. Stop by Capstone games at booth 1649.

Quartermaster General: Eastern Front

This is the next release in the long line of Quartermaster General games. This 2 player version has Germany trying to take on Russia and Russia defending the motherland. QMG games are all about hand management. This is the one war game I can get my sweet wife to play so I am excited to see what this will have in store at Ares Games booth 541.

Forges of Ravenshire

This is a fun dice placement game that incorporates engine building that we recently previewed and we are excited to catch up with BA Games at booth 464.

The Stifling Dark

Stifling Dark has an awesome mechanic that uses templates as flashlights. It really puts players in the seat of a ghost hunter in the midst of a horror movie. Get a demo at booth 2945.

Next Station: Tokyo

This is the next game in the next station series from Blue Orange games in booth 1901. This is a flip and write game where you will be drawing connections between stations to collect the most stamps. We played and loved London so here's looking at you Tokyo

Empires End

This is the newest game from John D Clair and it puts the players in the ruling seat of an empire at its height. Can you keep your empire from collapsing in this reverse bidding engine builder? We really want to dig into what reverse bidding is its sounds interesting. Brotherwise Games at booth 339

Great Western Trail: New Zealand

The latest in the Great Western Trail series. This game is full of sheep! Check it out at booth 815.

Lost Ruins of Arnak: The Missing Expedition

Since we are talking expansion stop bu Czech Games Edition in booth 235 and checkout the newest add-on to Lost Ruins of Arnak This will include 6 more chapters for the solo/co-op game and adds in tons of new items and goodies including two new leader for the game.

Ticket to Ride Legacy: Legends of the West

Legacy Ticket to ride. I feel I do not have to write more than that. You will find this in the Asmodee section (809, 815, 823, 929, 1109, 1115)

Galactic Cruise

Build your galactic cruise ship company though worker placement and manipulating the market. Launch your shuttles in booth 336 where you can take a ride on a Galactic Cruise.

Disney Lorcana

The new trading card game that has all the Disney lore you can shake a stick at. This is sure to be a hot item this year so get there early. Find the Ravensburger booth at booth 2001


From Dave Beck who brought us Distilled last year this is sure to be music to your ears. Head over and play test at Paverson booth 2753.

Everdell Farshore

We leave the shores of Everdell and we find the coastal town of farshore this is where our critters will build our civilization in the sequel to Everdell by Starling Games (booth 1819)



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