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Gen Con 22: Drinks

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Well its one of my favorite parts of Gen Con... stepping out of the convention hall catching some sun and having a refreshing beverages. This post you find some close to the convention places to find a refreshing beverage.

Georgia St Block Party

First and foremost right across from the Eastern entrance to the convention center there is Georgia St and it will be closed to vehicles during the convention and it will be lined with food trucks and other food vendors. In the center of all that action will be the Sun King Beer Garden where you can pick up this years themed beer Dragon's Delight a Belgian style ale. Some of you may recognize this beer as it was also the beer of 2017. Sun King did a bracket with people voting on their favorites from the past featuring beers from 2012-2018.

Sun King Beer Garden Hours

Wednesday Tapping Party: 5 pm – 10 pm

Thursday – Saturday: noon – 10 pm

Also this year there will be 2 featured wines served at the block party. Keep an eye out for Dragon Dew a sweet white wine with notes of citrus, lime, and orange. And the Dragons Blood a dry red blend with aromas of raspberry, blackcurrant, and tobacco with bold flavors of black cherry, espresso, and chocolate. Both of these wines are available at Daniel’s Vineyard tent throughout the convention.


Goodwood is just around the corner from the block party (5 minute walk from the convention center). Goodwood brewery has some great beers if you are looking more for a sit-down situation especially if you want some themed food to enjoy with you local beers and spirits. Get there early as this place tends to fill up because they are so close to the convention.

Metazoa Brewing Co

Metazoa Brewing is a little bit of a walk (22m) or a very short car ride from the convention center but worth it. This year they are featuring a Gen Con Themed Cherry Limeade Gen-Aconda features rich notes of cherries and zesty lime. Go and try some of their award winning beers. Every beer is animal themed and 5% of all proceeds go to wildlife supporting charities. Metazoa has a board game night every Monday with beer specials.

Wild Bill's Soda

Out on the Georgia St Block party you can get your self a collectors mug and unlimited refills for the convention of Willd Bill's Soda. They offer a lot of fun flavors like root beer, orange, black cherry and a lot more. Be sure to check out this non-alcoholic option on Georgia St.


Taxman has 20 beers on tap and you can roll a D20 for $4 and try your luck! They have 20 beers on tap so you’ll always have something new to try. If you don’t like what you get, re-roll for $1.



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