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Holiday Shopping List for Your Nerdy Loved Ones

Halloween is over and now we quickly are moving into the holiday season. Put away the cider and get those egg nog cups out! Its time to start thinking about what that loved one would like for the holidays especially this year when with shipping as bad as it is. Make sure you get your orders in sooner than later so that your can get those gifts in on time. One sure way to avoid shipping troubles is to stop in at your friendly local game store and see what they have.

First up is Displate. This company sells metal prints and they have a lot of D&D themed prints for your wall. Prices range from $44 USD to $150 USD. It seems like you can regularly find some coupons on line for them too. One other aspect of this company that I like is that they have teamed up with Trees for the Future and plant 1 tree for every print purchased. Also each of the artists that contributes art is paid on each purchase. Lastly the Items come gift packed and ready to wrap up for your loved ones.


Next up on the list is the ever popular Alien: Fate of the Nostromo. This has been flying off shelves at Target and Amazon so if you see it don't hesitate and buy it! If you haven't read our review on this game you should. Also I was able to interview the designer Scott Rogers about what went into making it. This game will keep you and the family on the edge of your seats as you fend off the Alien.


Lets talk advent calendars for a minute. You will want to get on these right away. They are out of stock in a lot of places already the Exit Escape Room Advent calendar is sold out most places already. I think that the Dice Advent Calendar from Adventure Dice makes a good gift as a run up to the holidays. You have the options of 8 days for Hanukkah or 24 days for Christmas.


Patchwork has been a super popular game over the last year and has a Halloween version and now there is a Christmas version out. This entry level two player game has you putting together quilts in a tetris like fashion. Compete to become the Button Master. So grab the one you love, a lovely quilt and Patchwork Christmas and enjoy the weather inside. The game also includes a themed cookie cutter so you can make some delightful cookies to enjoy during board game night! This retails for $29.99 USD.


Perhaps you want to remind that nerd in your life that you love them all year round and get them a subscription box. Well the folks at unboxboardom have you covered. You can get a game delivered monthly, every other month or quarterly depending on how much your loved one plays. You can have the ability to choose each month from a list or be completely surprised with each shipment. Some of the past games include King of Tokyo, Photosynthesis, Calico, Sheriff of Nottingham, Pandemic, and Power Grid. For the cost of around $30 USD per shipment this is a great deal.


The final item on this years list is Sky Towers from Ex1st Games. Now this gift idea is more of a crafters gift. This is a print and play game that we reviewed earlier this year and just loved it. I would suggest joining Martian's Print and Play Hideaway and reading though some of the posts there on how to craft these cards. I really enjoy hand made gifts myself and it can be a fun art project to do together. This also makes a great last minute gift if you didn’t grab enough or shipping has your gift coming late. The costs here are going to be the supplies you need to make the cards.



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