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Polar Vortex Convention 4

This was my second year at Polar Vortex. Last year they were hosting the convention at the local community college and when we were there it was actually in the middle of a polar vortex. This year the weather was slightly better, still the middle of winter in Chicago you cant ask for too much weather wise. Don't worry the entire event is inside. So we were safe from the elements. Arriving was easy there was ample parking this year at the hotel where they were holding Polar Vortex. They had a nice group of vendors setup in the foyer and the hotel had a area were they were selling food. It took a bit to get checked in as there was some issues with the wifi at the hotel.

Once I was in I joined my good friends Adam and Nick at a open gaming table. They had grabbed a game from the free game library and had it setup and ready to play by the time I

got in. We were about to dive into Talisman: Batman Super-Villains edition. I have never played the Talisman games before so this was all completely new to me. I took the mantel up of Scarecrow and Adam took on the role of Poison Ivy and Nick was the Joker. This game was real fun being the villains in the Batman setting. Batman himself was lurking around the board chasing us. As we moved higher and higher through Arkham Asylum to get to the security control room where Batman would face off with us. If you defeat Batman you turn off the security measures for the Asylum and become Queen or King of Gotham. We all enjoyed this game and would recommend it.

The second and final game of the day was Mythic Battles: Pantheon. We did not have tons of time as two of us have young daughters at home, but we squeezed in this gem of a game.

This game is another Monolith game with a huge amount of minis that are awesomely sculpted. You play as Greek gods and have some minions from pantheon of creatures, gods and humans. We played a basic scenario that Adam setup for the three of us to face off. the game was epic and very easy to play. the themes were fun and the scenario not exactly based off of the Greek mythology we know was interesting and fun to play. Defiantly check this out if you have a chance.

I defiantly Recommend Polar Vortex to anyone who is remotely into gaming. Its in expensive there are a lot of fun events and games to be had. There are things for the younglings as well. Please check it out, its a great example of a fun community based event.

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Lots of fun with good company. Another perk we noticed at this Polar Vortex is that we saw people bringing beers from the hotel bar into the convention.

The mythic Battles scenario we played was skirmish mode and the least thematic but the game is fundamentally a skirmish one. There are more theme driven scenarios to choose from if desired.



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