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Review: Escape Deathrace 2182 "Micro"

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

The year is 2182 and galaxy is under control of the Zillion an alien race who's leader Twisted FoOk has transformed our planet into Deathrace. You will race through FoOk's Deathrace that is full of traps and surprises along the way. You can work together to defeat sub bosses and the final boss. Don't rely on your friends in this game as there can be only one winner and they will be after you the entire game. Escape Deathrace 2182 "Micro"was on kickstarter in fall of 2021 and is in the midst of fulfillment right now. Escape Deathrace 2182 "Micro"is designed by Jessie Conger and published by Good Days Games

Escape Deathrace 2182 "Micro" is a tile laying game with lots of danger and items. You will reveal tiles equal to your D4 card draw and move up to that many spaces. If you run into an obstacle then you will have to deal with that if you pass another player you can take a drive by attack on them. So as I was saying there is a lot of danger in this game that fits entirely inside a mint tin. Unless you have some of the promo items like the 3d printed cars and D4 dice that was sent to us.

So the first two parts of the turn were already mentioned laying tiles and moving. A note for moving, you can move backwards and you don't have to move the full amount you drew. This will give you some flexibility in your strategy while playing. After you have moved then you can play a weapon drop card and then a power card. If you don't play a power cards you can exchange one for a different power card. That is the whole of your actions. Then you have to resolve any situation you may have gotten into at this point.

There are a lot of things that can happen to you when you are out there on the road. There are hazards that are on the tiles and don't go away, there are the other players that can take a shot at you or battle it out with you. Then you might find a boss of some sort, find some nitro, or even an event. You as a player can also add to the dangers of the road with certain weapon drop cards (like land mines).

There are a lot of things that can happen to you when you are out there on the road.

You will journey through the interstate as you and your "friends" place the road tiles avoid hazards and the other players and you might just get to the sub boss. When on the sub boss tile you must stay there until you have alone or with assistance from other players defeated the sub boss. Each sub boss has its own HP level. The final boss has 20 HP twice that of any of the sub bosses. So don't jump into that tile lightly come prepared. Also defeating the final boss is not the end of the game. There is only room for one player to escape and well it will come down to the last person standing.

Speaking of the player they all have unique abilities. There are six player characters to choose from. This will add a lot to your replay value not to mention the board is not going to look the same each time you play. There is also a solo play option for Escape from Deathrace 2182 "Micro" and the beauty of that is that there are no rule changes just removing some cars and some actions. Its still a great game solo as well as with other humans.

Escape Deathrace 2182 "Micro" is a great game to keep in you backpack or pocket when you headed out. It does not really take up a lot of table space to play and can be played fairly quick making it a good choice at whenever you have 30 minutes and some table space. Please check out Good Days Games for more information on adding this to your collection! Also be on the look out for the non "micro" board game coming soon.

Players: 1-4

Year Published: 2022

Recommended Ages: 8+

Time to Play: 20-30 minutes

Transparency Statement:

A preview copy of Escape Deathrace 2182 "Micro"was provided to Bert's Tabletop Games by Good Days Games for review purposes.



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