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Review: Now You're Dating!

So this game is a little different than the games we usually review. Today we are going to review Now You're Dating by Hector Suco. Now You're Dating is light weight game that simulates dating up to the point you are going steady with your partner. I had the opportunity to play this one with my lovely wife Mary after we put our daughter to bed for the night.

Now You're Dating has a fairly easy to follow board that my Mary called "very cute", I defiantly agree that this is a cute game. The game is listed for "Dating Age and Up" and I believe that there would be a vast amount of experiences that could come from this game. I have known my wife for a decade (almost to the day of the writing of this) we are very much in the "and Up" camp. Our experience during playing this game was filled with reminiscent and "is that what kids do these days" conversations.

There are 8 stations on the board that you move though. The primary mechanic for the game is to roll a 20 sided die and get over the target number listed on the situation you choose. There are several options per station on the board. The more difficult the situation the more help you can get for upcoming stations on the board. There are 2 kinds of cards you collect as you move through the game Heart Cards that offer you the ability to re-roll and kiss cards that you can play (up to two) on an opponent before they roll to give them a -2 per card modifier to the die roll.

Before you get to official relationship status don't forget you have to get that first kiss.

As you move through the stations you simulate a relationship that is bring you closer to becoming an "Offical Relationship". Before you get to official relationship status don't forget you have to get that first kiss. To get into the official relationship box you need to move to the first kiss box and get a successful roll. All and all we found the game to be amusing and we we thought fondly of that time so long a go that we dated. Its fun for the older couples to reconnect with the time they dated and its fun for the younger crowd to explore what dating is. Both ways the game makes itself a conversation piece. I would recommend playing the game with the full complement of 8 at a party to get the maximum fun out of it.

Designed by: Hector Suco

Players: 2-8

Year Published: 2021

Recommended Ages: Dating Age+

Time to Play: 30-45 minutes



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