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Wings of Modesty WWI

Another Friday night in the pandemic gets us another Friday night at the virtual game board. This week we used Tabletop Simulator and fired up a game of Wings of Glory WW1. This is a game that I have played a lot of at Gencon. This game is a fun one to pick up and play, you can make it longer or sorter by adding in planes.

So I let everyone pick last and I ended up with a German Albatros pretty versatile plane. Chris and I were taking on Rick and Nick for superiority of the skies above Europe during WWI.

Ricks flying was a little less than desirable at the start mine seemed to be going pretty well. There are several different decks of cards in this game depending on the plane type. These decks give you your maneuvers left or right turns at varied degrees and more complicated maneuvers right up to flipping around 180 degrees. There is also a damage deck associated to each plane. The decks have different amounts and types of damage depending on your plane type.

With my Maneuver deck and Damage deck ready to go I set out on a direct course to seek out the allied planes. I came up fairly quick on the allied planes. It was nice that we started far apart so that we could get used to the maneuvers before we were in range with our guns.

Each card in the maneuver deck has a line on it with an arrow indicating the direction of

travel. You place the card down with non arrow side of the line touching the middle of the front of your plane then move your plane so that the middle of the back edge of the mini is on the arrow. Its a rather easy system and makes the game move fast. There is a lot issue when you get in close and there is no room for cards or minis.

When you are close enough to the other planes you can take shots at them. Most all of the planes have a 45 degree forward firing arc. You can use the supplied measuring apparatus to see what range you are in. This turned out to be a little tricky in Tabletop Simulator. I kept thinking i was in range when I wasn't. Helpuful hint: move directly over both ends of the stick not just one. Measure from the post of your mini to any part of the base of another mini. There are three ranges A, B and C. the closer you are the more damage cards you draw. When the plan runs out of hit points its destroyed.

This game has a very simple set of rules to get you going and has a lot of additional things to add on later (tons of nice looking minis). For example if you wanted to play an alien invasion being fended off by WW1 planes, then Tripods and Triplanes is for you!


Designed by: Andrea Angiolino, Pier Giorgio Paglia

Players: 1-99

Published by: Ares Games

Year Published: 2012

Recommended Ages: 8+

Time to Play: 30 minutes



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