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Top 5 Lucky Games

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Luck is a factor in most if not all board games to some degree. Today we will focus on the more luck than not side of the spectrum. These games place dice cards or other random mechanisms at the drivers seat. So with some luck you will find a game you will enjoy.

The first game up is Formula DE. This game simulates the thrill of a F-1 car race. You press your luck rounding the corners hoping that your die roll dose not sent you careening out of control. The basic mechanic is luck you pick your gear and the higher the gear the bigger die you roll for movement. The faster you go through the corners the bigger chance you have of crashing. Push your luck with Formula DE and see if you can be the champion of the circuit. For a more in depth post click here.


Zombie Dice from Steve Jackson Games is a great press your luck game. In Zombie Dice you take on the roll of a zombie and your mission is to eat brains (what else do you think it would be?). Roll dice and hope they land on the brains get Roll as much as you want but if you get 3 shotgun blasts and you bust and score no points. Can you be the Zombie with the most brains (Is that a thing?)? This game takes very little time to play its a good lunch break or tea time activity. My wife and I enjoy this one a lot.


King of Tokyo is a game where your and your friends take on the role of giant monsters fighting for the most fame and becoming the King of Tokyo by rampaging through it. On your turn you roll a set of six dice and if there is 3 of a kind in numbers then your can get that number in fame points first person to 20 wins. If you score a lightning bolt you can bank those to use latter to buy power cards to assist you in your domination of Tokyo. If you roll the hand you will cause damage to the players not in your region of the board. Finally if your roll hearts you can heal yourself if you are not in Tokyo. You may re roll up to 3 times and press your luck. This game is Yahtzee meets old school monster movies. This game will take less than 30 minutes.


Catan is a luck based game that determines resource distribution to the players with a roll of the dice. You can mitigate the randomness of the rolls by placing your villages and cities in places where resources are more likely to be rolled. There is also a trading aspect of the game to help with the randomness. You are rolling 2 six sided dice for the resources and the highest probability is the 7, this is not a resource spot in the game it activates the robber and you can have them sit on other peoples resource spaces to stop them from collecting on future rolls. At the end of the day its a random game and anything can happen and no matter how much you position your self for success the dice will always dictate the play of this game.


The last spot goes to Candy Land. This classic game is the embodiment of random games. A classic kids game Candy Land has you travel through the Lollypop Woods and try to get to the end path. The randomness of this game has been cracked by AI. Kevin Goldsmith explains in his blog. So perhaps its not as random as we think. Even though there is a clear strategy that can get you to winning more than not its a classic game that is fun for the younglings.



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