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2022 Ultimate Holiday Buying Guide

Looking for that gift for that special board gamer in your life? Well this year we have complied a list of fantastic things to get them. This year I feel like there are so many great things to get your loved ones in the board game space that is not just a new game to sit on the shelf of shame. So without further suspense here we go into the 2022 Holiday Buying Guide.

We have but together some awesome things to get your loved ones for the holidays this year. We focused this year on some awesome accessories to enhance game experiences. But also do go to your Friendly Local Game Store and get some games for your loved ones. Especially on Small Business Saturday here in the US.

Hero Forge Minis



Go Dice

If you looking to get some tech for your special nerd look no further. Go Dice are electronic dice that bridge the offline tabletop gamer into the digital world. Go Dice are six sided dice that can connect to your devices and provide that physical roll for games that are online. The sets start at about $35 USD and go up from there. You can add in RPG shells and turn those six siders into d20s and more. Charge these dice up for 10 minutes and you will be rolling for 2 hours!

Hero Forge Minis

Hero Forge minis offer a platform to build your own customized miniatures. We have recently reviewed Hero Forge and have been really impressed with the inclusiveness and representation of the platform. If your loved one has a 3d printer then you can just they can buy just the .stl files that they would use to print at home. I would recommend a gift card for your loved one so they can design their own miniatures and get them printed out and delivered to the door. The stl files are usually $7.99 USD a full custom printed and colored mini is about $45 USD.


Gameboard is something special. This is a digital game board. Gameboard looks like you have setup a giant ipad on the table, but it is so much more than that. Gameboard has digital games on it that you can play in the room with friends or remotely. There are some huge titles already on the platform like Terriforming Mars and Vitaculture, with more to come. This is a huge hit with the RPG community as you can clip on rings to your minis and fire up Foundry or Roll20 and as you move the minis on top of the gameboard they can react to the environments. Gameboard clocks in at $899 USD but is worth it.

Folded Space Game Inserts

Have you ever gone to play a game only to open the box to chaos? Well this is what Folded Space seeks to fix. They have created inserts that fit inside your game boxes that organize and protect your game pieces and accessories. They have game inserts for just about every popular game this year like Lost Ruins of Arnak, Dune Imperium, and Root. These inserts are foam and require no tools to assemble so they are great even for the non crafty among us. Prices for the inserts start at about 15.50 EUR and depends on the game you are buying it for.

Kallix Shelf Accessories

Do you have Ikea Kallix shelves in your house? There are a lot of accessories available on Etsy for the Kallix shelves to add in extra shelves so you can separate all your games and not have them stacked on top of each other. For about $30 USD you can add extra shelves.



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